We are a team of passionate Commercial Thinkers, Designers, Developers & Data Engineers working together to develop digital solutions for African problems

Playnlearn is our first digital product that we are currently working on.

"Making technology work for humanity."


Digital Kiota is an integrated digital design and development company incorporated in Zimbabwe in mid-2020. The company was formed to design, develop and commercialize ICT solutions that provide different kinds of utility to different audiences.

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The Internal Company’s primary task is to define unmet or poorly solved needs that can be addressed through the a digital solutions.


The Agency’s task is to pitch for, develop and maintain web and digital products for other companies. The key opportunity necessitating this business unit is the lack of effectively designed, developed and maintained digital assets locally. Evidence of this are the numerous complaints consumers share on about various digital applications most notably – banking applications, we believe this is a challenge that needs to be addressed.


What we offer

Database Design and Developmet

Chatbot Development

Machine Learning integration

Mobile and Web App development

Desktop App development

Change the landscape

  • Changing Africa through technology .

Zimbabwe, and Africa at large remains a net importer of digital applications, software and related technologies. Our vision is to create homegrown solutions – that are built with the flexibility needed to suit the African context.

Technology for everyone

Our vision is to make technology work for humanity, and to do that we believe in assembling and retaining a strong team of developers, designers, product engineers, strategists and content writers as a priority in our business. Together, our mission is to create a number of digital products that fit well into the African context and make people’s lives better.